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Hi, I'm Hannah, a Low Pressure Fitness Hypopressives Coach.

(Level 1 and 2)

Prior to Hypopressive Coaching I was an Occupational Therapist and before that various other support roles.

Basically I love working with people and supporting them to achieve what's important to them.

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Why I love hypopressives so much

I used to be a community OT and it was during this time that I came to realise just how common pelvis floor dysfunction is, especially for women.

Nearly every woman I worked with disclosed some level of urinary incontinence and not just ladies over retirement age, but younger ones too.

Which I have to admit really surprised me...until I had children!


I really wanted to be one of those women who still did everything she'd done before children and who never seemed to be on the look out for the nearest loo or frantically dashing into public toilets!


So I was pretty devastated when after having my twins I suddenly found myself in this situation and having to say no to certain activities for fear my pelvic floor would not cope.


But I couldn't understand how this had become my life, after all I did my pelvic floor exercises (sort of) regularly and I was fit and healthy (disclaimer: as much as you can be when severely sleep deprived with 3 young children!). So why wasn't my pelvic floor working as it should? And what else could I do to get it working properly again as pelvic floor exercises weren't working?


I was not ready for this to be my life yet. I had 3 young children and I needed to be able to fully function! Plus I wanted to be able to lift, play and run around with my children without worrying about leaks or discomfort.

Luckily for me I came across an article about hypopressives and having nothing to lose decided to give it a go. This was the first time I'd ever heard of hypopressives and although I wasn't entirely sure they would help me, I decided to give it a go (mainly due to it being non-invasive). 

I can honestly say I've never looked back, hypopressives have not only got rid of all my symptoms but also given me my confidence in my body back. 

Having gotten such good results myself and knowing how prevalent incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction is, I wanted to share the technique with as many people as possible, which is why I trained to be a coach. 

As an OT I was able to help people with symptom management and put in equipment to help them assess toileting facilities more easily.

But with Hypopressives I'm able to support people to reduce their symptoms rather than just manage them.

I would love to work with you to help you get the results you want too.   


Book a free 15 minute introductory call to find out more

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